Episode 81: Sara Terry - How To Get 0 to 35 Closings In A Year | JP & Associates REALTORS?
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            Sara Terry from the San Antonio Market uncovers the secrets to staying real and true to yourself and still taking your business to the next level.

            Having worked for 10 years in Healthcare and needing to transition to a more flexible schedule, Sara decided to give Real Estate a go. Three years later, she explains how she went from 0 to 35 closings in a year by hyper-focusing on her niche. Sara supercharged her business by leveraging Facebook, being creative in the listing process and understanding how she could bring her expertise to her military community.

            Sara shares the learning curve of setting boundaries and non-negotiables in the business, and the lessons learned from tax season.

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            ”Find out what works for you and what makes you comfortable. When you’re comfortable, your mind is freer to serve the client.” – Sara Terry

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